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You got skills in programming and would like to join the sevrer-team?
Write one of the admins over Discord.

the server team

These are the members who make sure that the server is always ...up and running...up to date... .... and work so that you can always experience and discover new things:

the admins


Shortly after the server start I joined the server. After a few screenshots I was allowed to start building the Vallee castle. A short time later LinuxGuides made me his deputy. Since April 2020 I finally took over the operation of the server together with Toni_Total and Innaaa.


Started out of interest, stayed out of fun, builder out of passion, admin out of attachment.

the supporters


Started as one of the first regular players, Innaaa was one of our first supporters.


In the early days of the server I stumbled across the server, but unfortunately after a short time I prioritised my life differently. After a long absence, I found my way back to the server until I was asked by the admin team on 28 October 2021 if I would be interested in supporting the team.