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MineLife Mods

Our team works to provide you with an exceptional Minetest experience. That's why we also develop some mods that are exclusive to us.
Therefore, the following mods were written for MineLife.

Exclusive Mods

MineLife Blocks

In this mod all the blocks designed for MineLife are present and this is always expanded!

MineLife ServerTools

This is the heart of our server. This mod includes user and admin commands, license management, AFK timer, spawn configuration, AutoJobs, MineLife Ads and much more.
Without this mod MineLife would not be MineLife.

MineLife Jobs

With this mod, the individual professions that you can practice have been programmed. Whether Miner, Famer, Hunter or a simple Builder.

MineLife Maps

In this mod you will see daily updated maps of each region and city, as well as the subway and railroad network.


Holograms are used to spread information around the world.
So you know directly at which station you are, where a portal leads and much more!

Beginner Guide

This mod appears first to every player when they enter MineLife. It gives each player brief information about the server and should thus facilitate the entry.

Public Mods

Jean's Economy

GitHub | ContentDB

This mod was written by the founder of MineLife and is the heart of our economy!


GitHub | ContentDB

Provides: Hard Cement - Sanded Cement - Hard Cement Wall - Sanded Cement Wall
Dependencies: Unifydyes - Default

Color the blocks with the Dye Airbrush. The full color palette of Unifydyes is available for this purpose.

Invisible Blocks

GitHub | ContentDB

This mod is intended for server admins.

The blocks prepared by the mod are parts of the MineLife Blocks mod from the following server:


These can be placed to prevent others from entering an area. !!These blocks can only be removed by World-Edit!!

Invisible light sources

This block can be used to place invisible light sources. As soon as a block is built over it, it disappears. You can thus beautifully illuminate large squares or even buildings.


GitHub | ContentDB

With ServerSay you can send a message as a server.