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Be part of the community ...


Join us not only in-game but also at Discord!

Magic Moment Here you have the possibility to put pictures in a gallery and share special moments in the game with the other players. 

Communicate Keep in touch with the other players outside the game.

Evolution In special channels you can tell the server team if something is wrong with the game or if you have ideas to make it better.

Stay in Touch Through voice chat, the server team will also hold community meetings from time to time to talk directly with you about news, upcoming changes, requests and improvements.

Follow us!

If you want to get the latest server-news immedialty...

...come an follow us at Twitter:

Here we post every news belongs to the server such as maintaince windows, evolutions or rarly ;-)  problems.

Our own radiostation

An own game server is not enough, we are also building up a radio station especially for our players.
Thanks to a German web service, which allows us that free of charge and reasonably professional, we can also offer you background music while playing.

And if you have a music request, just write us. Then we will see what we can do.

You can find the radio station at the top of the navigation bar under Minelife Radio.

More and more and more again...

We are constantly and steadily developing the server and everything around it.

Fame lists are planned as one of the next additions in this area. Here you can compete with other players in certain categories.
But please be patient for a while. Our developers are doing what they can.