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the game concept

Minetest is an open source game in which you can move freely and interact with the landscape.

The server for Minelife is built on this basis. Upgraded with various extensions we try to 'live' in a peaceful coexistence, in which it is allowed to get hot; you can fight in the server's own arena against other games, make a trip to water or in the air, drive on your own Minecart roller coaster or even make a base jump from a skyscraper with a parachute.

Along the way, you'll be working (just like in real life), earning money and building your Minelife existence. For this purpose we have written an economy mod especially for our server, which allows all forms of money transactions that you know from real life.

Just have a look...

play for free

You can play Minelife at no cost to the game itself.

What you need is the official Minetest client. You can download it here for Windows, Mac, and Linux for free. 

Never played Minetest? Try it out! Minetest is not a cheap Minecraft clone, but an open source variant with a large mod-friendly community behind it, which is constantly developing Minetest further.

After that you just have to search for our server in the "Multiplayer" tab or enter the server data directly (see blue banner below).


Server Version:5.4.1
Server Address:
Server Port:30000